Open Meeting with the Director – Final and Pre-final Year


One thing that is essential to facilitate all forms of learning is communication. Be it verbal, written, a presentation or a meeting. Done effectively, it can have an enormous impact.

Continuing with this ideology, and considering how important a communicative feedback is in a learning environment like IIT-Delhi’s, an ‘Open Meeting with the Director’ was held for the final and pre final year students on 19th April 2014 at Dogra Hall.

The meeting was graced by the Director, Prof RK Shevgaonkar, along with other faculty members including the Dean of Students and Dean of Academics.
The discussion took place under three sections – academics, infrastructure provided at IIT and student activities. Though the last front could not be elaborately discussed on, the meeting came out to be one with a strong purpose and very fruitful.

The conversation on the first section varied from the B.Tech projects to a revamped academic system of having mid semester exams instead of two minors. It also went on to cover intricate aspects ranging from the evaluation criteria in courses, the functioning of Teaching Assistants and harped a lot on the feedback mechanisms existing in our academic system and their efficiency. The discussion then transformed into another form when the Director put forth a question to the students, asking them how productive their B.Tech programme had been overall. This then escalated the discussion to a more intense and deep one and many interesting facets of a students academic life came up. Core issues to the institution like innovation, fostering of a healthy technical learning and innovation culture, placements and industrial requirements then took over and the Director came up with subtle, yet strong and emphatic responses on the same.

Moving forward, the students then raised interesting issues that one takes into cognizance only when they face a problem regarding it. Throwing light on the facilities in the hostel and institute area, a host of problems relating to the academic interests of students, hostel life and even more general ones like drinking water in the institute area were raised. The faculty responded positively to the feedback and we hope they are worked upon too.

To sum it up, the meeting proved to be an effective one and seemed to have served its purpose. Such constructive communication speaks volumes about an esteemed institution like ours.

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