Yahoo! HackU


By Ankit Singh

Yahoo! HackU, the hacking festival organized by ACM IITD was officially unveiled on the 8th of August in the Seminar Hall. The keynote address saw a heavy footfall with 300+ registration.

A brief overview about the various new advances in Yahoo! Technologies were discussed followed by a QnA session where the students putting up questions got Yahoo! Swags. After a sumptuous free dinner, tips on hacking and demo of ideas were made. This session was aimed at giving a flavor of what all is about to unfold in the coming days. Opportunities galore in the form of attending the tech-talks, getting your hands dirty – mucking around with the latest technology, learning to code in the hands-on coding workshops, and building your dream app. The yearly event intends to get grander than its previous editions with a flurry of exciting takeaway prizes like the Ipad mini, Samsung Ace Plus phones and 1 TB Wireless Hard Disks in its kitty. What is needed is just a cool idea as the various API’s and tools will be provided by Yahoo itself.

Today’s session was an informative one with various workshops on mobile technologies, JavaScript, Yahoo user interface library and web semantics. The Q and A sessions made the workshops very interactive. An android application to search images shared on flickr, on a particular topic was made hands-on in one of the workshops. 

The main action is reserved for Saturday, 10th August, when the participants get an opportunity to build their dream apps in the 24 hours hack-a-thon!

The hack fever starts at 11AM in IV LT3 and Sem Hall. Come and make your idea count.




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