By Abhishek Verma,

The Dramatics Club was bang on with its first performance for the new academic year. With the freshers as majority of the audience, the Institute Play Production (IPP) presented the play, Raavanleela.

Directed by the troika of Ruchi, Abhishek and Amit, the event saw some of the best performances by the actors, majority of whom were second yearites and were giving their first stage performance. The theme of the play was unshelled by the dramatic monologue of Raavan, raising the issue of inadequate pay for street actors and the daily fight for survival of the common man. The play presented the traditional ‘Ram Leela’ with a twist where Raavan refuses to die until his payment for the show is increased by his director. The otherwise restless audience watched the show with rapt attention as there were some mesmerizing performances by Sita, Raavan and Akshay Kumar cum Maarich cum Hanuman. The intended puns, on the spot quips, obscure references and firebrand oratory received huge rounds of applause and whistles of the audience. Occasional couplets and lines from the animated on-screen version of Ramayana added spice to the show. The play received a standing ovation by the BRCA President, Dr. Deepti Gupta, who graced the show with her presence along with Professor Arjun Ghosh, the President of the Dramatics Club.




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