NSS Orientation for First Year Students


By Deepali Jain

NSS orientation was organized with a motive to give the freshers an insight about the activities that come under NSS, NSO and NCC –helping them choose one amongst them, this time before mid-September.

The event started on the scheduled time (a big achievement for an IIT event) and very well engaged all the freshers for complete 2.5 hours for everyone was quite eager to figure out how they can complete 100 hours of the chosen club in 4years. NSO, followed by NCC members gave a brief introduction about their clubs to the freshers. Then it was the turn of NSS, which actually left no stone unturned to make the orientation interactive and fun. NSS continued with its tradition of projecting some extremely beautiful and soul-touching videos, grabbing everyone’s attention. They informed in detail about their various projects, mainly categorized under education, environment, health, women empowerment, social innovation etc. The audience seemed in great enthusiasm, applauding and shouting at every opportunity and the chocolates given to those answering the questions asked almost before every section, really added to their excitement. The major highlight of the event was a lovely dance performance by 4 children, probably 6-7 years old (a part of their VIDYA teaching project) and a soothing folk song by two visually impaired ladies from NAB. At the end, there was a short movie starring the freshers themselves, reminding us to be the change we want to see! The event, though extended a little long, was well-planned and enjoyable.









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