BRCA Orientation


By Ankit Singh

The BRCA Orientation, an event organized with the aim of initiating freshers to the most vibrant board of the campus witnessed a huge audience.

The show began with an address by the ever smiling BRCA President, Prof. Deepti Gupta who talked about the reorganization of the board and urged the students to be a part of the club by participating, managing and playing a wonderful audience for its various events. This was followed by introduction of club presidents and secretaries. The first performance was made by the music-club on the song ”Re Kabira” which left the audience mesmerized and spellbound. This was followed by a performance from the newly formed Literary club – a poem recitation by Ankit. The hilarious poem went down extremely well with the audience. Next event, by the Fine Arts and Crafts Club, was a real surprise for the crowd, live videography of three paintings being painted separately and in the end being joined, just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, into a single masterpiece. Then came the turn of SPICMACAY which first presented a video message from its founder Dr. Kiran Seth, and then followed it up with an awesome Kathak performance. To the dismay of the audience, rest of the club performances were chalked out due to dearth of time. But the teaser video of RENDEZVOUS 2013 totally changed the atmosphere driving the crowd crazy, who kept incessantly asking for a replay. This was followed by a QnA session for the freshers, wherein the Rendezvous ’13 merchandise was launched and 7 Exclusive t-shirts awarded to the students for their knowledge of the fest’s previous editions. Up next was a song and dance performance competition featuring freshers. To those who thought that the show was over were proved wrong by the high voltage robot-dance performance by the Dance Club. The much awaited play Raavanleela, was next on heel leaving the jam packed auditorium truly enthralled.




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