Two heroes

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What is it or what it seems ?
Is it real or just, a dream?
I wonder,Oh! I wonder,
how the colors of life can
just be swept away so clean...

I sit and see my life story
which now feels so complete ;

When,one silvery but shivery night
I saw them....

What a pity!

In the weary journey of life,
at some exhausted episode ,
at a crossroad;
someone will be there ,
So alone.....

Too deserted to feel the warmth of life,
too dull to see the bright sunshine,
too weak to bear the power of right.

You may wonder
who they were...

They were neither the heroes of the nation
nor were they some celebrities.

Neither they lived,nor they existed.

But still,they were the two heroes of the story,who fought mighty LIFE.

They were just two....

Just two,cursed,uncared for siblings

   left all alone.......