My first few days @IITD!

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So this is about the first few days at a new place, a place I'll call "home" for the next 4 years... :)
Recently I was welcomed to an aspiring engineer's dreamland,
On the threshold of a new life now I stand.
Much awaited and amazing life at IITD,
Inspired, amazed, charged, enthusiastic and free.
These 320 acres encompass all mountain ranges,
(Though drains flow instead of Indus or Ganges!)
Really cool seniors all around all day,
Ever- ready to give "Fachhe ko Fundae"!
Ever- ready to help and guide with things new,
Proficient with dancing, acting, writing, you wonder what they can't do.
Many sessions to attend when I first here came,
Like getting to know DisCo, scary thing, funny name.
Each hostel full of zeal, throbbing with energy,
(But food... You wouldn't want to eat for free!)
Friends abound, though girls quite few,
And three people living in a room meant for two.
I miss mamma, papa and I do miss home,
Though I'll get accustomed to life (with friends!) alone.
Proxies and punishments they say isn't now far,
And of professors dead- scared we already are!
So much of college life we've heard,
And now that I too am a free bird,
I never want this phase of my life to end,
Being at the best place with books and friends.
Of being an IITian enjoying all perks,
And looking for places where Wi-Fi actually works.
Not to forget academics, true,
But that we've always been doing and all this is new.
Carefree fun, no sorrow no strife,
As it should be lived, living life!!!