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I'm a Knight with no lust
Tears have oxidized my thirst
And my life is now A Carnival of Rust
Although, fight I must

For I am warrior born
Its in my bone
Though my deeds scorn
As I make indifference
of My Inheritance

They were deceived
From whom I received
Promises were never kept
Feelings were left concealed

So I ingloriously wear as armor
this rampant rust
that traces the malaise of the past
and the shadows they've cast

I Hate to Fail, But fail to win
Everything! Everything's a Lie
**I'm just Living to Die
**& yet
**I'm Dying to Live
**Free from fiction, Free from Dereliction
Free from consternation, Free from dejection
Soars with the Dawn
This bird of freedom
in the sun a Phoenix
reborn from the ashes of its past
Burning with passion across the sky
It learned to fly
Fly with serenity, Fly with tenacity
Fly with felicity, Fly, Indefinitely
Thus Far has been my story
An Unquenchable thirst for glory.