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Aug 24, 2016 20:50    

My pen, faithful though it may be,
doesn't understand the challenge in front of me....
and know I do, what I want to write
but the blank paper - it wants a fight

The paper, true white to the eye
yet a heart of black, a soul so vile
It stumps my thoughts and mocks my skill,
questions my spine and blunts my will.

"But I know what to write!"
that's my exasperation talking.
"Yes, but how do I start?"
thats the logical side balking.

The theme's in my head,
but there are crevices.....
maybe I'll fill them
with poetic devices.

My brain says no
I have tried it many times.....
The paper hates it though

That's a big one
Whoosh goes the logic
And poof! That one's done


        Literary skulduggery- 

Veritably vile vandalism
of pristine poetry

That's just not my sort
Messing one would be like
upsetting the apple cart

Now this one's downhill
I've never used it so far
and probably never will

I hate you, parchment
though I loved you at first.....
You sound so parched
but I can't quench your thirst.

So how do I start?
The idea's only in my head.
Maybe i'll write
about writer's block instead.

                                       - Varun Kishore Kumar