This one is my very own motivation! Well it seems like it sounds like another poem "Don't Quit" by Edgar Guest a lot more than I'd like... So with due credits now, here it is: Life is queer with its twists and turns, As all of us through our life learn.… more »
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Fri Sep 23, 2016 02:14
Itni fikar Ma krti h.. Mere ek sirdard k liye rat-ratbhar jagti h.. Mere har gam me mujse pehle aasu uske aate h.. 'Chot lagi pr btaya nahi' is bat pr wo daate h.. Jab jab dar laga mujko.. Dil ne yad kiya usko.. Fasle h usse ye meri majboori h.. Hak… more »
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What is it or what it seems ? Is it real or just, a dream? I wonder,Oh! I wonder, how the colors of life can just be swept away so clean... I sit and see my life story which now feels so complete ; When,one silvery but shivery night I saw them.... What… more »
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Tue Aug 30, 2016 21:16
My pen, faithful though it may be, doesn't understand the challenge in front of me.... and know I do, what I want to write but the blank paper - it wants a fight The paper, true white to the eye yet a heart of black, a soul so vile It stumps my thoughts… more »
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"For the Indian GIRLS at Rio... They defeated the ultrasound that declared 'it' was a 'she'. They defeated the nurse declaring in a sombre tone 'ladki hai'. They defeated murderous parents or even worse those who keep them alive but kill their spirit… more »
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So this is about the first few days at a new place, a place I'll call "home" for the next 4 years... :) Recently I was welcomed to an aspiring engineer's dreamland, On the threshold of a new life now I stand. Much awaited and amazing life at IITD,… more »
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Amid the crowd Somewhere between Four eyes call aloud Yes it was there Him, her, their love It was late She had to leave Oh! How he wished she could stay She looked at him His gesture, he understood Stood up with his car keys She said, "Lets walk,… more »
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Finally I m a student of iit d To take my decisions now I m all free... No one will ask me of What I m doing.. No one will care of where I m going.. The freedom I got,they call it independence.. To make me matured and self dependent... But still I miss… more »
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In a world dissipating so quick I wonder how we'll make the clock tick Not much in it for my d* * * Still she thinks its all a trick Aims lost and found in a hick I wonder how we'll make the clock tick With the powerless shaping the future, And the… more »
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Just glancing through the headlines of the newspaper a few days ago,I came across a news regarding the order issued by the government to withdraw postage stamps featuring Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. For all those who think that I am just another… more »
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We sat together on the fourth floor of the campus building in some room empty enough to get us some privacy and silence so that we can study in peace. Thoughts ran deep down in our hearts more than the concepts of material science. But we both were too… more »
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