A new journey

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Finally I m a student of iit d
To take my decisions now I m all free...
No one will ask me of What I m doing..
No one will care of where I m going..
The freedom I got,they call it independence..
To make me matured and self dependent...
But still I miss those little restrictions
That love care pamper nd attention..
Anyways I m happy nd I m glad
Showing everyone iit's swag..
The campus is beautiful nd so are the people here...
Seniors are the best nd there's no ragging fear..
So many sports nd activities all around
In choosing where to go my head goes round & round...
Whatever, i m here To explore myself and make longlasting friends....
Afterall this is the starting of a new journey not an end

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You have endless opportunities at your fingertips your freshman year, so don’t let them slip away. Try everything, talk to everyone, and get involved. Don’t let these micro-moments get away from you, because you’ll never get them back. Before you know it, freshman year will be gone. You don’t want to look back and think about everything you “could have” done, so do it all. Make the most of every opportunity you are presented with, because it will shape you and your future more than you could ever imagine.

I know you’re nervous, but everyone else is too. Just know that you have no reason to be. You truly are in for the best four years of your entire life. Don’t ever forget that.
Just live the life in ur way.
All the best for your new journey…!!

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